What If Loving God Made People Better?

Register for an intensive–and intentional–formation experience, where we journey together the furthest and the deepest.

Stepping Into the Story

Whose story is it? Where has God been with you on the way? Where might you be headed now?

The Walk

Following Jesus isn’t always walk in the park. When the terrain changes, have we left the path, or is something else going on?

Your Journey from Here

Your life is already a journey. With enough time, space, and good travel companions, it might just become a Pilgrimage.

The Pilgrimage is a place-of-no-fixed-location where people find friendship with Jesus and are found by Him–usually in community with others. It’s a work of cooperation with Jesus’ invitation to His followers to journey from being His servants to being His friends.

We offer informal online spiritual conversation, approachable-yet-rigorous spirituality and Bible courses, and spiritual direction, all of which together help people perceive and respond to Jesus’ new invitations to them.

What If the News Were Still Good?

What If The Bible Weren’t Written to Hurt You?

What If God Could Actually Be Loved?

What If There Were A Community of People Committed to Imagining This Way? Would You Join It?

Upcoming Events

From class start times to one-time informational gathering events, this is our projected schedule for 2023.

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