Who We Are

The Pilgrimage, founded and directed by Jennifer A G Layte (aka Jenn), is a work born out of personal experience of wrestling with God and the Church. After about a decade of angst, Jenn finds herself on a much more settled footing with both of them, but she recognizes among the stories of others’ deconstruction and disentangling hints of her own experience. The Pilgrimage is an effort to provide encouragement and hope–and a safe space to be “not okay” for a while–to people transitioning to a new stage in their life with Jesus. It is also a place for people still connected to a church community to deepen their faith in God and understanding of others.

The Pilgrimage offers spiritual direction, lectio-divina-tinged Bible exploration, and two spiritual formation courses–one on personal spiritual autobiography, and the other on stages of faith.

We hope you’ll join us, either “outfitting” us for the journey, participating in our programs, or both.

The Pilgrimage is an affiliate of Build a Better Us, a Black-owned coaching network of Christians, offering various types of coaching for holistic human flourishing. Thanks to BBU, the Pilgrimage is able to continue operating as a nonprofit and offer excellent programs to further the goal of shalom.

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