Who We Are

Rev. Jennifer A G Layte


Wendy Widder Huisken

PhD Bible Instructor

I no longer call you servants but friends.” –Jesus

The goal of the Christian journey is Christlikeness in our interactions with humans and union with God. Both Jesus’ servants and His friends are His. But the degree of love and intimacy between servants and their boss, and friends with friends, is very different. At the Pilgrimage, we accompany each other on the transformation road from Jesus’ servants to His friends.

As with any change in relational dynamics, this journey can be messy. The Pilgrimage is an effort to address–from a Jesus-centered, Trinitarian perspective–questions and experiences that may not be welcome, understood, or even considered in many church contexts. A parallel aim is to provide support and training for pastors and ministry leaders who would like help effectively and compassionately shepherding their people who are asking these questions and having these experiences. We offer informal online spiritual conversation, approachable-yet-rigorous spirituality and Bible courses, and spiritual direction.

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The Pilgrimage is an affiliate of The Sanctuary at Woodville, a more embodied spiritual direction and formation ministry located in central New England. Please visit their website for further options for spiritual growth and learning.

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