Join Pilgrimage Outfitters, the team who keeps us journeying.

The work of the Pilgrimage–online platforms, scholarships for course participants, the Director’s part-time salary, and stipends for additional instructors–is primarily funded by the generous and ongoing donations of people like you. Thank you for your tax deductible donations which can be made below.

Can’t make a donation right now but still want to help? Please pray for us! You can also share our programs on your social media sites, refer friends and family, or even set foot on Pilgrimage yourself. All of this keeps us going and brings spiritual assistance not only to the Pilgrimage but to many other individuals and churches. Maybe even to you!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Pilgrimage Outfitters. Thank you for your kindness.

Discounts and Scholarships

Generally speaking, people pay for what they value, and invest themselves in what they pay for, so all participants in spiritual direction and the three spiritual formation courses are required to pay at least a portion of the set fees. However, at the Pilgrimage we recognize that many who are in spiritual transition often encounter financial hardship at the same time (sometimes as a result), and we are unwilling to turn anyone away who might benefit but, solely because of finances, is unable to participate. We are committed to providing help for our services as we ourselves are able.

Monthly donors of $25/month or more are eligible for a discount on courses, as are participants who are active in partner churches. (If you still belong to a church and successfully encourage them to partner financially with the Pilgrimage, this can earn you a scholarship, too!) If neither of these avenues is open to you, sometimes donors give specifically to fund scholarships. Please use the form below to inquire whether scholarships are available at this time. (So far, they always have been!)

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