If you are already supporting the Pilgrimage, I truly count it a blessing and honor to partner with you in this ministry! If you are not, and would like to, here are some ways you can help:

  • It costs a directee $50 for a one-hour spiritual direction or Biblical mentoring session. Not everyone who would benefit from this care can afford it. A donation of $50 a month will allow someone who can’t, to be able to, monthly.
  • Pastors don’t typically charge for pastoral care and counseling, because they are paid by their churches. I don’t charge for these sessions, either, but I offer a lot of them. A donation of $100-150 a month allows me to continue offering two to three hours of this type of “shepherding” care a month.
  • I am committed to keeping the OSFGroups free of charge to participants, but does take time and effort (and draws on all the training I possess!) to write the studies and facilitate the group. Donations of $300-500 every two months enable me to present and facilitate one study for 20-40 people.

Click HERE to donate. Thank you.