Stepping Into the Story


Stepping Into the Story is a 12-week personal development class (13 weeks with one week off, halfway through) designed to help you make sense of your own story, in light of the overarching, cosmic Story in which Christianity tells us we are living. (Note: You don’t need to be a Christian to take this course, but it’s important to know that these are the foundational premises from which I, your instructor, am operating.)

Once a week, participants meet for two hours via video. For half of the classtime, we learn about how we can more fully enter into the Grand Story of the world, with the help of some tried and true spiritual practices: lectio divina, spiritual journaling, and spiritual autobiography (a.k.a. life mapping). The rest of the time we invite each other into our own life journeys through journaling exercises we’ve worked on over the week, supporting each other through joy and heartbreak, encouraging each other into a closer walk with God.

The cost of the class is $300, plus the purchase of one assigned book. Contact me for more info.