IMG_3452Most of us make self-improvement resolutions at the end of an old year and the beginning of a new. We want to eat better, exercise more, show more kindness to the people around us. What if you could make a resolution that had a chance of helping you keep the other ones?

Consider starting 2018 gloriously–delving into the Judeo-Christian Scriptures with a small group of spiritual explorers, examinging what those writings have to say about certain specific topics, asking God what God wants to say to us through these ancient words, and supporting and challenging each other to bring what we’re learning into the real world of our lives?

For our first two-month study of 2018, we will be taking a squint at “glory,” and we’ll be kicking off right on New Year’s Day.

If you did a word-search in the Bible for “glory,” you’d see it all over the place. But what does that word even mean, and why is it all over the place? What does it mean that God is glorious? Why does it matter? What does God’s glory have to do with us, particularly in the aftermath of 2017 and the start of 2018?

The OSFGroups are recalibrating for the new year, and this is an excellent time to join us, in a “new” internet location, with a new topic, some new people, and the same hunger and thirst to connect with God. Scripture readings will be posted Monday/Wednesday/Friday between 1/1 and 2/28 in a private and secure group, with questions or “talking points” for discussion with each other in the comments.