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Spiritual Formation Courses

God loves you. And God is invested in your knowing you are loved and in your growing in love. This can happen with or without formal classes, but something unique can happen in a small group of people who find themselves in the same spot on the “path” together. Pilgrimage courses are designed to help people focus on specific questions and aspects of their own spiritual journey, in unique community with others.

Each of our courses is taught by appropriately qualified and credentialed instructors who have put prayer, heart, and love into preparing these opportunities for exploration and growth. All three Pilgrimage courses have a course fee of $400 per person. As part of the spiritual formation process, each participant should pay at least a portion of the total cost for this course, but partial scholarship options may be available. Please contact us to inquire, or click on a banner below for more information and registration.

Stepping Into the Story
The Walk
The Bible Explored
The Listening Post

It’s a noisy world out there. This is a place to listen to others and to God together, through an informal, lectio-divina-esque Bible reading practice, incorporating both silence and discussion. Sounds weird? Only until you try it. Join us the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month from 10:30a.m. to noon.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a ministry of spiritual companionship where one person (Director) provides a time and place for another person (Directee) to interact with God “outside their head” in a safe, prayerful, and welcoming atmosphere for spiritual health and growth. During a session, you are invited to explore your relationship with God by considering questions including but not limited to: Where do you put your faith? How is that faith being stretched? What is God saying to you? How is God inviting you to grow more fully into the person God wants you to be?

The spiritual direction of the Pilgrimage (via Jennifer Layte) is a product of Trinitarian, Jesus-focused spirituality, but directees do not need to be Christians to seek spiritual direction here. Each person is met without agenda where they find themselves on their soul-pilgrimage and in their understanding of God. If you are open to exploring who God is and how God might intersect with your life, it would be an honor to accompany you on your pilgrimage. Please contact Jenn to discuss whether spiritual direction would be a good fit for you at this time. Each session is $75, after a complementary discernment session.

In late November 2020, a pastors’ support ministry, Barnabas Ministries, Inc., hosted a panel discussion on spiritual health–particularly for pastors (who can be notorious at neglecting their own)–but also for anybody. Jenn was one of the panelists. If you would like to consider spiritual direction further, accounting for the views of multiple directors, you’re invited to view that discussion as you continue to consider your own pursuit of spiritual health and wholeness.

Tangible Resources

Founder and director Jenn Layte is also an author and a wannabe artist. You can support the Pilgrimage and your own spiritual growth and practice by buying books and/or one of a kind artwork here.

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