Travel Gear for the Journey

Setting out on a trip, we all need supplies (except that one time). The Pilgrimage offers the following initiatives to facilitate a good journey:


An Online Spiritual Formation Group is a private online space for us to interact with the Bible and each other. There are three to four studies a year, meeting privately on Basecamp, with themes falling under any one of these four major headings:

  • The Character of God
  • Relating to God
  • What the Bible Says About…
  • A Book of the Bible

Adults of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs are welcome to join an OSFGroup, with three requirements:

  1. Respectful and courteous interaction with each other, even if your ideas differ dramatically from another’s. That is: You can talk about your disagreements together if you’re respectful about it. Abuse, rudeness, angry debate, etc, are monitored.
  2. Awareness of and respect for (not necessarily agreement with) the underlying Trinitarian, orthodox, Christian perspective of the Pilgrimage ministry and its facilitator. That is: you don’t have to believe in the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) or other traditional teachings of the Bible and the Christian church, but don’t be surprised if they are expressed and affirmed in this group, by the ministry/facilitator.
  3. A commitment to engage in the two-month OSFGroup experience–reading the readings and posting thoughts, responses, comments, questions about the readings–and an effort to interact directly with the members of your small online community. That is: You yourself have something specific and unique to offer to the members of the group and to our experience of God within it. Seriously. If you think you know nothing about what we’re discussing but you find yourself thinking of questions ask them. Those are the questions more than any others that usually trigger the greatest learning and growth for everyone.

In the process of these focused studies, we hope to discern what God may be trying to say to us, as individuals and as a virtual community, so that through these studies and mutual encouragement, we can positively impact our in-person communities. If you’re interested in joining a group, please contact me.

Spiritual Direction

Sometimes life is overwhelming. Other times God seems overwhelming. At still other times, you may wonder if God is even there at all. Any of these seasons may indicate that God is calling you nearer to Himself. When that happens, it helps to have a regular human accompanying you into the Unknown. If your perception or experience of God begins to feel unfamiliar, it may be tempting to give up the endeavor of walking with God altogether—or to avoid beginning it at all—never discovering the transformation of self and life that God wants to bring. Spiritual directors are trained for the work of encouraging and accompanying individuals through times of spiritual transition, as well as in the day to day moments of the life of faith.

Spiritual direction is not teaching, disciple-making, counseling, mentoring, or therapy. Instead, it is a time to look at one’s relationship with God in a safe, prayerful, and welcoming atmosphere: Where do you put your faith? How is that faith being stretched?  What is God saying to you in all areas of your life? How do spiritual disciplines help or hinder your growth? How is God inviting you to grow more fully into the person He wants you to be?

The spiritual direction of the Pilgrimage is a product of my Trinitarian, Jesus-focused spirituality, but directees do not need to be Christians to seek spiritual direction here. My practice as a spiritual caregiver is to meet each person where they find themselves on their heart-pilgrimage and in their understanding of God. If you do not consider yourself a Christian but are open to exploring with me who God is and how that God might intersect with your life, I would be honored to accompany you on your pilgrimage.

Spiritual direction costs $50 per session. To discuss why I accept payment for a spiritual service, feel free to contact me. To engage me as your spiritual director through the Pilgrimage, please also contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Classes, Workshops, and Retreats

Seminars, guest-speaking, and retreats are available on topics as requested. Classes may be scheduled at different points throughout the year. Most topics can be adapted for any one of these formats. Potential topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Stepping Into the Story
  • Joy in the Journey
  • Creative Sabbath
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Crossing Cultures
  • “Mere Christianity” and Different Theologies
  • Hide-and-Seek with Jesus: Finding Jesus No Matter What Our Surroundings
  • Church (S)hopping
  • SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious)
  • Displacement – What If I Don’t Feel Like I Belong Anywhere?
  • Broken Saints
  • Lectio Divina

Contact me to discuss rates and to book one of these.