Online Spiritual Conversation

Please note: Currently there are no Online Spiritual Conversations in process. If you and/or a group of your acquaintances would be interested in starting a new one, or to ask questions about the aim and concept, please contact us.

Formerly Online Spiritual Formation Groups (OSFGroups) followed a specific Bible focus for exploration. The Pilgrimage remains an intentionally post-denominational Christian ministry with biblical underpinnings, and yet, especially in this day and time, we can learn from each other in the midst of diversity–even diversity of views. As OSFGroups became more and more niche, conversation also petered out. Thus the birth of Online Spiritual Conversation (OSC).

Online Spiritual Conversation is one group of self-determined size, open to anyone from any walk of life, belief system, and/or personal conviction, seeking to foster across-the-aisle dialogue in a listening, respectful space. We “meet” in a private group on a team-building site, away from usual social media, to maintain focus on each other and our communications and off the usual distractions. Respect and clear, truthful-and-gracious communication is expected and enforced.

With occasional exceptions, OSCs do not occur in real-time, but in written discussions at participants’ convenience.