Spiritual Direction

“When helping people change, don’t look to outward standards and urge them to conform. Instead, discover who they are and help them to become.” –Bob Hamp

If your perception or experience of God begins to feel unfamiliar, it may be tempting to give up the endeavor of walking with God altogether—or to avoid beginning it at all—never discovering the beautiful transformation of self and life that God wants to bring.

Spiritual direction is a time to look at one’s relationship with God in a safe, prayerful, and welcoming atmosphere: Where do you put your faith? How is that faith being stretched?  What is God saying to you in each area of your life? How do spiritual disciplines help or hinder your growth? How is God inviting you to grow more fully into the person you are meant to be?

The spiritual direction of the Pilgrimage is a product of Trinitarian, Jesus-focused spirituality, but directees do not need to be Christians to seek spiritual direction here. Each person is met where they find themselves on their heart-pilgrimage and in their understanding of God. If you are open to exploring who God is and how God might intersect with your life, it would be an honor to accompany you on your pilgrimage.

Each session is $50, after an introductory session to discern whether Pilgrimage spiritual direction is a good fit for you, or to discuss possible referrals.