Spiritual Development Courses

Stepping Into the Story

Stepping Into the Story is for the person called take a brave look back at their life in the company of a small group of like-minded spiritual pilgrims, in order to take the next confident step forward. Once a week, participants meet for two hours via video. For half of each session, we learn about how we can more fully enter into God’s Story of the world, with the help of some tried and true Christian spiritual practices: lectio divina (divine reading), spiritual journaling, and life mapping. The rest of the time we invite each other into our own life journeys, supporting and encouraging each other into a deeper walk with God. Three individual spiritual direction sessions are included. The SITS course is $400 and spans 13 weeks, with one week off, halfway through.

The Winter/Spring 2020 session meets Friday afternoons from 1-3 Eastern Time, beginning Valentine’s Day (14 February).

Due to requests during COVID-19 isolation an extra course of SITS is being offered from 3-5pm Eastern on Wednesdays, starting 8 April and concluding 1 July. Registration is now open but time and space is extremely limited. Please register below by 3 April.

Or, to request more information, simply fill in this form.

Coming Soon! The Walk

The Walk is the working title of a new 8-week course focusing on stages of faith. This course may be a prequel or a sequel to SITS–probably either. Less confessional and more informational, this course will help give some perspective and hope to those who feel like they’re losing their faith but don’t want to lose Jesus, or to those who want to love such people well.

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