Favored One, a novel about Miryam the mother of Yeshua, which has also been called a work of “lectio fiction,” released in July 2019 and is a product of the Pilgrimage’s own imprint, Notes on Pilgrimage. It has been well-received in a niche market.

$12 + media mail rates

Trees in the Pavement, Jennifer Layte’s first novel, published (under Jenn’s maiden name, Jennifer Anne Grosser) in 2008 by Christian Focus Publications, is readily available, and still relevant, as the refugee crisis has only increased since the 1990s when the action takes place.

$8 + media mail rates

Various Bible studies are also available directly from Jenn Layte. Moving on Up is a study of the Songs of Ascent in the Psalms. The Transforming Word takes a look at the Gospel of John. Cast of Characters is a unique study focusing on a limited number of passages and the role of God, humans, angels/demons, and the rest of creation as seen through those passages. These can be purchased by contacting Jenn directly.

$10 ea. + media mail rates

The two novels (Trees and Favored) are also available from major online booksellers and can be ordered at brick and mortar bookshops; however, to directly support the Pilgrimage, we prefer you to order them via the links provided above. Thank you.

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