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Rules for People Who Don’t Like Being Boxed In (or Who Feel Like They Already Are)

Relevant photo. Just keep reading... Back in 2018 (I keep wanting to say "last year," but that is no longer correct...), a lot of fairly momentous things happened. In hindsight (which is, as they say, 2020--that's a pun, guys), Paul and I were being prepped for each of these events for a long time, but… Continue reading Rules for People Who Don’t Like Being Boxed In (or Who Feel Like They Already Are)

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All the Other Readings

Oh for goodness' sake. If I can't even keep up with this blog by posting stuff I've already written, there may be no help for me. Here are the rest of the readings and associated thoughts and questions to conclude Part One of When God Is Invisible. 7th Reading - Esther 5 What do you… Continue reading All the Other Readings

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Reading 5 – Esther 4:1-8

The news has broken.  Does it seem strange to anyone else that Esther seems to be the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on? Why might that be?  What do you think about Mordecai’s reaction to this whole thing? After all, isn’t the situation kind of his fault? Or isn’t it?

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4th Reading – Esther 3

What a political book this is! The factions are starting to align, and the main conflict is being set up.  What can we tell about Haman from this chapter? What is his deal? Is Mordecai’s response justified?  Also, do you see any consistencies or inconsistencies in the way individual rebellion is dealt with in this… Continue reading 4th Reading – Esther 3

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3rd and 4th Readings

Esther 2:19-23 A much shorter read today, but still packed with detail, and even though it seems a little random, it ends up impacting other aspects of this story. (One of the reasons I’m a fan of the way this story is told is that the writer weaves so many story threads masterfully together.) What are… Continue reading 3rd and 4th Readings

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2nd Reading: Esther 2:1-18

Second OSF post of the exploration study: If you’ve read this story a million times before, it might be so familiar that nothing about it really seems surprising. See if you can read it as if you’re coming to the story for the first time (or maybe you really are!). What kinds of questions does… Continue reading 2nd Reading: Esther 2:1-18

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Which Bible Translation Should I Use? a question that has been asked in the OSFGroups. Here's how I answer: The Bible’s a really old book, originally written in two different languages, neither of which exist in those ancient forms anymore...which means that it has to be translated for everybody. In fact, it has been translated into a huge number of world… Continue reading Which Bible Translation Should I Use?