Grace Anatomy: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-gkndj-bb30fa Acts 2:42; 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 Rev Jennifer A G Layte "This week I’ve been reminded of Jesus’ words to His disciples that everyone would know they were His because of how they love each other. Usually when I think about that verse, I roll my eyes and say to myself, 'Yeah, right. We’re so… Continue reading Grace Anatomy: Blood Is Thicker Than Water


His Glory The Glory 5: The Answer to Everything

Here’s my question. Why is it either or? Why do we need to prioritize worship over work, or work over worship? Why do we even think this is two different things? It’s like thinking God’s love and God’s glory are two different things. They’re not. They’re two different ways of thinking or talking about one thing. The same God. Worshiping Jesus and following Him are also one thing.


His Glory The Glory 4: Surprise!

suffering is a facet of God’s glory, and if we are contemplating God’s glory so that we may be transformed into His likeness, we need to contemplate the whole thing—His suffering, too. If we consistently and insistently gloss over the suffering of God and skip right to the triumph, our understanding of God will eventually cease to be Christian, our “god” will become a triumphalist psychopath, and we will start to reflect that image instead.


His Glory The Glory 1: Delight!

God is not oppressive, God is not stingy, and the thing that makes God most angry is when people are promoting and/or worshiping something or some idea that isn’t Him. It robs Him of His glory, and His glory is the best thing that could ever happen to us.

Quotes, Symbols

Impossible Camels

Some people like to say that Jesus was talking about some teeny gate in Jerusalem which a camel could enter if all of the luggage with which it was loaded down was removed. There may be or have been such a gate, but I don't buy that that's what Jesus was talking about because frankly, I think He got kind of a kick out of making really difficult-to-take utterances and meaning them.