More Than Sparrows

If you look up sparrows online–which I had occasion to do recently because I was trying to paint a picture of one–you will see them described as an “invasive species.” They’re kind of a mini-pigeon, if you will. Although–as I learned in my Google search–there are different varieties of sparrow, as genus they live nearlyContinue reading “More Than Sparrows”

Your Name Here

Recently my parents gave me a stack of cassette tapes from my childhood, a number of which are recordings of me as a very engaged two year old in Costa Rica where they were learning Spanish for further assignment in Honduras. More recently, I listened to one of them, and was deeply struck by oneContinue reading “Your Name Here”

Bibliolatry–Fact or Fiction?

I used to say, “The Bible is Jesus, written down.” And then I tweeted it one time, and a couple of people got really mad at me.

What Is Even Going On Right Now?

Be honest. How many times have you asked or heard someone ask that question in the last four years? I suspect for those of us in or adjacent to churches, that question has an additional layer of meaning as we watching things occuring in corners–or entire sanctuaries–of churches which we didn’t think were supposed toContinue reading “What Is Even Going On Right Now?”


I don’t normally post my newsletters here, but this one (and probably the next one) are worth sharing. Recently I’ve been reading through the book of Isaiah again. There are a number of notable passages in there that God has highlighted to me in the past–always at times of change in life and ministry. EachContinue reading “Manifesto”

A Theory on How to Fix the World

Allow me to be Captain Obvious for a moment: the world is messed up. You may have noticed. Seems like most of the mess revolves around people being divided. I don’t mean diverse. I mean divided. Ideologically divided. Racially divided. Ethnically divided. Sexually divided. Economically divided. Religiously divided. A bunch of us, on any sideContinue reading “A Theory on How to Fix the World”

If You Can’t Serve God and Money, Why Do You Ask for Money to Serve God?

“I checked out your suggested page. Noticed you wanted some funds for the study. Thanks but no thanks. You should consider doing ministry as a ministry, instead of as a profession.”

The Like of God

I was loved as a child. I know I was fortunate in this, and I think I even knew it then. I was loved by my family, I mean, which I suspect is the main thing, in childhood. I had a little more trouble at school, though, and somewhere along the way I picked upContinue reading “The Like of God”

More Than You Can Ask or Imagine

There’s a lot going on. I’m writing this while a torrential rainstorm is raging outside my window, except I don’t feel like I can legitimately describe it that way, because Texas has just been demolished by hurricane Harvey, the Caribbean and quite possibly soon Florida are being more-than-pummeled by Irma, and the Columbia River GorgeContinue reading “More Than You Can Ask or Imagine”

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