Jennifer A G Layte

photo copyright 2019 R. Cinclair, T&G, used by permission.

Jennifer Layte is a pastor, spiritual director, and founder of the Pilgrimage. She provides spiritual mentoring, formation, and direction for any seeking to deepen their relationship with God–or encountering God for the first time–facilitating movement toward wholeness in Christ and participation in local churches.

A writer, teacher, and spiritual caregiver at heart, Jenn loves team building, introducing people to Jesus, and teaching the things she is also learning. She has authored two novelsTrees in the Pavement (Christian Focus Publications, 2008) and Favored One (Notes on Pilgrimage, 2019).

Passionate about unity among the people of Jesus, Jenn is intentionally interdenominational, preferring to see where each stream of the Church points to Jesus and offering cross-denominational methods to help others connect with Him. Jenn grew up Conservative Baptist, worked in the UK with the Charistmatic arm of the United Reformed Church in the 1990’s, and is now the independently ordained minister of Central Baptist Church (an American Baptist church). She received her MTS from Bethel Seminary, is an interfaith Advance Practice Board Certified Chaplain through the Spiritual Care Association, and received her certification as a spiritual director from the Anglican Diocese of New England.

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