The Walk

Taught by Jennifer A G Layte

Intended for both Christians in the church and Christians/skeptics/deconstructers trying to get or stay out of it, The Walk is a compassionate exploration of the twists and turns of “walking with God” as understood and described by Christians in earlier and more recent centuries, from various points on the theological spectrum, and exhibited in the biblical stories of Jesus’ disciple, Simon Peter.

The Walk is a course on stages of faith and an exploration of where each of us might be in our journey—to provide context and understanding for those of us who are troubled/concerned /confused either by changes in our own faith or differences between the way we understand our faith and the way others who claim the same one, express theirs. The Walk is an eight-week course with one week off in the middle.

The two sessions of The Walk will begin on Thursday evening, April 20th, and Friday morning, April 21st.

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