While some Pilgrimage programs incur a fee to participants (notably spiritual direction and Stepping Into the Story), the bulk of Pilgrimage activity is funded by the generous and ongoing donations of kind people like you. You may make your tax deductible donations by clicking below.

For an idea of how your donation might be used, please read on.

  • It costs a directee $50 for a one-hour spiritual direction or Biblical mentoring session. Not everyone who would benefit from this care can afford it. A donation of $50 a month will allow someone who can’t, to be able to, monthly.
  • Pastors don’t typically charge for pastoral care and counseling, because they are paid by their churches. I don’t charge for these sessions, either, but I offer a lot of them. A donation of $100-150 a month allows me to continue offering two to three hours of this type of “shepherding” care a month.
  • I am committed to keeping the OSFGroups free of charge to participants, but does take time and effort (and draws on all the training I possess!) to write the studies and facilitate the group. Donations of $300-500 a month enable me to present and facilitate one study for 20-40 people.

I look forward to welcoming you to the team of Pilgrimage Outfitters. Thank you for your kindness.