After the Road Bends

There was a discussion on Twitter recently regarding whether there is such thing as a fixed “core” identity, or whether identity is more fluid than that. It’s an interesting question, but I haven’t really thought it through, and it wasn’t my conversation. Still, I jumped in anyway, with a story: ​ Recently I was onContinue reading “After the Road Bends”

This Way Up (Part 3): Just Checking Matthew 11:1-24 When our circumstances don’t change–for months or even years–and the thing we believed we were preparing the way for the Lord to do doesn’t seem to be happening at all, it is very tempting to ask God, “Was I wrong about You?” Is it okay to ask that question? ————– Mini-Message: Rev BarbaraContinue reading “This Way Up (Part 3): Just Checking”

This Way Up (Part 2): Now You Do It Matthew 9:35-10:42 “In our Empire-bound world, everything Jesus has described is actually what it means to be like God–to be “at His level”–to have His authority…Jesus is so united to His Father, even though, when facing His own cross, He will ask for the cup to be taken from Him, He can’t really imagine wanting toContinue reading “This Way Up (Part 2): Now You Do It”

An Informal Gathering of Info Gatherers

Tomorrow morning (morning, depending on your geographical location, that is) we will be hosting the first ever Pilgrimage InfoGathering on zoom. There’s a second one in the evening (similarly depending) a week from tomorrow. It is so exciting to have gotten to the point on Pilgrimage where a broader base of people than my ownContinue reading “An Informal Gathering of Info Gatherers”

This Way Up (Part 2): Storm Clouds Gather Matthew 8:23-34 The storm we’re in can be the craziest we’ve ever experienced, and Jesus asleep has more authority over our circumstances than anyone or anything else. We don’t need to be afraid as long as He’s in the boat. ——————– Mini Message: Rev Barbara Jernigan Main Message: Rev Jennifer A G Layte (Pastor Jenn)

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