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When Church Colludes with Empire, Take a Walk

I believe there are always pockets of real spiritual formation happening in all streams of the Church, but it is by nature not grandiose, not flashy, not expedient--sort of like taking a walk.


In Spirit & In Truth: It’s Not About You John 4:1-9 When God is so worthy, He humbles Himself to ask you for something... ----------------- Pastor Jenn ----------------- Today in Adventures in Glitchy Technology, the livestream cut out about halfway through the sermon and even though the beginning and the end were recorded, the middle third was lost. I tried to "re-preach" that… Continue reading In Spirit & In Truth: It’s Not About You


The Anointed Prince of Peace Mark 1:9-35 What's in your trunk? ------ Pastor Jenn   As you are aware, if you listen to these regularly, we at Central Baptist are not equipped with the most streamlined tech equipment. Lately, in order to livestream video without jamming signals, we have to make an audio recording of the livestream, separately, which… Continue reading The Anointed Prince of Peace