An Individual Group Project? Galatians 6 Nobody likes self-control. The guy in the 1600's who put the verse numbers in your Bible? Put self-control in a whole separate verse from the other fruit of the Spirit! But of all the attributes listed, this is the one contributes most directly to Gospel freedom. How can that be? --------------- Pastor Jenn… Continue reading An Individual Group Project?


Taking After the King Ephesians 4:22-32 Patience loves by holding back--even letting go of--the fear and anger of impatience when a situation doesn't go according to plan...or a person 'doesn't go according to plan.' We talked about times that we must love patiently from a distance. But kindness moves outward. Kindness reaches out to bless another person, whether they… Continue reading Taking After the King


All the Best! Philippians 4:1-9 ----------------- If the salvation Jesus sacrificed Himself for is shalom-peace, reconciled well-being, then true peace is the lived-out expression of the essence/glory/love of God So, if we are true peacemakers, true cultivators of wholeness around us, true bringers of wellbeing, then we prove that we have the love of God—we take after… Continue reading All the Best!

Great Cloud of Witnesses

Why I Need Spiritual Direction and You Might, Too

I got a new spiritual director this week. Life circumstances for both of us had, a couple of years ago, conspired such that my original director and I had to amicably end our "direction relationship." The next director and I already had a pre-existing friendship which, while lifegiving in many other important ways, did kind… Continue reading Why I Need Spiritual Direction and You Might, Too