More Than You Can Ask or Imagine

There's a lot going on. I'm writing this while a torrential rainstorm is raging outside my window, except I don't feel like I can legitimately describe it that way, because Texas has just been demolished by hurricane Harvey, the Caribbean and quite possibly soon Florida are being more-than-pummeled by Irma, and the Columbia River Gorge…Read more More Than You Can Ask or Imagine

Map It

When I first posted about Stepping into the Story, there was quite a bit of interest. Then I sent out a questionnaire to each of those people, as follows: Pre-Life Map Questionnaire (click it even though it's not highlighted, and you'll download the Word doc.) Suddenly there was a lot of alarm. I did mention…Read more Map It

Stepping into the Story

The Pilgrimage is taking the next step! For almost a year now (with maybe a few weeks off interspersing, so I could write new studies) the Online Spiritual Formation Group has been reading the Bible together in a private Facebook group, sometimes "discussing" (in the comments) what we read. We've talked about the Pilgrim Psalms…Read more Stepping into the Story


I'm fairly certain the least consistently redeemed aspect of my personality is the part of me that feels a compulsion to correct things--primarily people's grammar, spelling, pronunciation, punctuation, and general word usage. Example: recently a professional peer of mine sent me some glowing feedback, at the end of which she said, "you have literally gifted…Read more Literally

A Reunion with Periwinkle

Over the weekend, I am delighted to report, I (and six others) was graduated from Holy Conversations, the two-year spiritual direction training programme offered by the Anglican Diocese of New England. We all met on Friday evening at our supervisor's house, where we had a lovely, relaxed dinner together. Then the next morning we reconvened,…Read more A Reunion with Periwinkle