Mother Hen Series: Storyteller #3 Mother’s Day – May 2022 Luke 13:31-35 Is this really a parable? And what does “mother-love” have to do with either Jesus or salvation? ——————– Scripture Reading: Paul Layte Message in a Basket: Rev. Barbara Jernigan Main Message: Pastor Jenn (Rev Jennifer A G Layte)

Who’s My Neighbor? Series: Storyteller #2 1 May 2022 Luke 10:25-37 Pastor Jenn was sick this weekend. So Barb preached two Messages from her Basket, and Pastor Jenn recorded her sermon from home. This communion Sunday recording is therefore longer than usual, but such good stuff–we hope you’ll listen to all of it! Today we looked, withContinue reading “Who’s My Neighbor?”

The Storyteller Series: Storyteller #1 24 April 2022 Luke 1:1-4; Mark 4:33-34 Why do we tell stories? Why are there so many stories in the Bible? Why would Luke, trying to write an orderly account of the life of Jesus, bother to include so many of Jesus’ stories which were, in fact, fiction? ——————– Scripture Reading:Continue reading “The Storyteller”

The Other Side of Prayer Series: Thoughts & Prayers #7 17 April 2022 – Easter Sunday John 20:1-10, 19-23 Five people publicly commit their lives to Jesus through baptism by immersion. Then we all learned about how prayer can form us from there: After Pausing, Rejoicing, Asking, and Yielding to the love of God, all of life can becomeContinue reading “The Other Side of Prayer”

Baptismal Robes

…are apparently a Baptist thing, although I guess I never thought about it before. Anyway. Let it be known that this is one tweet whose response I can really get behind…and that I don’t mind continuing to be associated with. I will not be deleting this tweet. So excited for Sunday! P.S. I think we’reContinue reading “Baptismal Robes”

(When God Says) No Series: Thoughts & Prayers #6 10 April 2022 – Palm Sunday Luke 22:39-53 God plays by His own rules…even when it hurts Him. And He knows what it’s like to hear no. ——————– Scripture Reading: Paul Layte Message in a Basket: Rev Barbara Jernigan Main Message: Pastor Jenn (Rev Jennifer A G Layte)

Standing Up to the Bullies Series: Thoughts & Prayers #5 3 April 2022 Exodus 17:8-13 A story about a battle between flesh and blood (the Amalekites against the Israelites) gives us insight into how to handle it when our bullies are NOT flesh and blood. ——————– Scripture Reading: Tom Jernigan Message in a Basket: Rev Barbara Jernigan Main Message:Continue reading “Standing Up to the Bullies”

Couldn’t Hurt to Ask Series: Thoughts & Prayers #4 27 March 2022 Mark 10:46-52 “Sometimes I wonder if the reason some of my prayers go unanswered is because I’m asking for the quick fix that will get me off Jesus’ back, rather than the long-term solution that will bring me closer to Him.” –Pastor Jenn ——————– Technologically, thisContinue reading “Couldn’t Hurt to Ask”

Save a Bunch of Dates

Winter/Spring courses are in session and if you’re not taking them now, I hope you’ll get in on the Summer/Fall rounds. Here are some dates and registration links to get you started. (Click on the banners for more info regarding each class.) Thursday evenings, 7-9 PM Eastern Begins August 4, concludes October 27 Class size:Continue reading “Save a Bunch of Dates”

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