The Pilgrimage

On the path of spiritual growth and formation


Travel Gear for the Journey

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction allows you to examine and deepen your spiritual journey in a safe, prayerful, and inviting atmosphere.

Personal/Spiritual Development Courses

Two spiritual development courses (one established and updated and one launching this summer), rely on small-group dynamics via weekly video sessions to help you begin or continue your next spiritual steps.

Online Spiritual Conversation

OSC is an informal spiritual discussion group. Come away from the outrage and engage in respectful, listening dialogue on topics of faith and spirituality.

A Quiet Place

A team of people is available to connect in prayer with the One who is the goal of our pilgrimage.


Two novels and six Bible studies by Jennifer A G Layte are all available for purchase and perusal.

Pilgrimage Outfitters

The Pilgrimage is primarily funded by the generous and ongoing donations of kind people like you, and furthered by your prayers. Thank you for your donations here.

We don’t believe spiritual growth and formation is measurable by number, but sometimes those numbers are interesting to look at…

Travel by Number


years on pilgrimage


soujourners engaged


online Bible explorations


“modes of travel”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Judgment Free”

This is a great place to connect in your spiritual journey! Regardless of your past or current situations or affiliations. Here, is judgement free zone to ask questions learn truths about the bible and maybe even yourself.For anyone seeking greater understanding or wondering who This Jesus guy is…this is a great place to be!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Hop off the fence and commit”

I’m not sure what it was about the time spent doing the SITS lessons, preparing for our weekly conversation, and looking at the stuff in my life that was so profound. All I can say is that the combination of all of it allowed me to draw closer to God than I ever had before. I also experienced, for the 1st time ever, a time where God clearly communicated with me in a way I could not miss.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Amazing Course”

So, let me just say that my good friend Jenn is a Pastor and Spiritual Director, and if you [have no idea what, in life, you’re an expert at], you should PM Jenn or me for details about her amazing course, Stepping Into the Story. By the end you will have an answer to the question above.


The Blog

Thoughts While Walking

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