[Please note: this post has been edited for clarity of submission rules since posting. Because I really want to give things away. But to be totally transparent, I also am trying to grow my subscriber list.]

In my ongoing attempts to simultaneously merge and keep distinct my writing and spiritual care efforts, and also grow all of them, you may encounter me doing and trying new things. For example, while I once wrote one newsletter in which I only ever talked about things going on here on Pilgrimage–such that if you wanted to know about writing or art or the church I pastor you were essentially out of luck (unless you follow Central Baptist Church on social media)–now I write one monthly newsletter with brief updates on all of those things, though you can also get in on specific Pilgrimage updates still, in between.

Today I am inaugurating the first combined Jennifer A G Layte/Pilgrimage giveaway. It’s funny because it’s basically just one person (me) giving away stuff, but letting you know about it through both online versions of me. You could say that the “our” below is the royal “our,” or something I guess.

I’m going to try to do one of these a month until I run out of stuff to give away. “Stuff to give away” may range from books to watercolor paintings to paint-poured art to Graced Objects (found object sculptures I make) to photography…

For March (I know today’s still February–I’m giving you a head start), the giveaway is a signed copy of each of my two already-published novels, Trees in the Pavement and Favored One.

How to Enter

  1. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the monthly Jenn/Pilgrimage newsletter here. If you are subscribed, everything that follows counts as a submission for this giveaway.
  2. Like the Giveaway post wherever you find it (for example here on WordPress). You could always pretend this is also an early Easter egg hunt and see how many places you can locate it.
  3. Share the post and tag three people you think might be interested in writing, spirituality, or writing about spirituality. (Bonus if you tag different people on each platform.)
  4. Like or follow any or all of my accounts on LinkTree.

Winner will be announced at the end of next week!

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