Let There Be

Feels like I’ve been swimming in some deep waters for a long time now. The Spirit of God is hovering, and I am longing for God’s declaration of life and light–and probably also some soul-Sabbath.

I’ve been making cards lately, using a squeegee to smear acrylics, and then wiping the excess paint on a piece of paper. Then I noticed the bird-like shape in the bottom left and thought of the beginning of the world.

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4 thoughts on “Let There Be

    1. Haha–thanks! Just the other day I saw an add for a “reverse coloring book” in which the artist left all these colored blobs in various arrangements on the page and the purchaser is supposed to draw in the lines to make their own picture. This appealed to me and then I realized that’s basically what I do a lot of the time. For example this!

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