What Is Even Going On Right Now?

Be honest. How many times have you asked or heard someone ask that question in the last four years? I suspect for those of us in or adjacent to churches, that question has an additional layer of meaning as we watching things occuring in corners–or entire sanctuaries–of churches which we didn’t think were supposed to be a part of Jesus-based faith and practice.

Then there are those who try to come up with answers to those questions:

People are just looking for an excuse to sin.


It’s all about power for them.

or…something else. I’m sure you’ve heard it. Let’s be honest. There’s probably more than one reason for the religious and social upheaval we’re seeing around us. What if at least one of the reasons was that most of us didn’t know our faith is supposed to change and be challenged and grow as we walk closer with Jesus, and what we’ve really needed was people who have been here before, to accompany us on this journey?

Whether you can’t even recognize yourself anymore, you are terrified of what looks like a loss of faith (and faithfulness) in a loved one, or you are angry about the faulty teaching you grew up with, it might be time to take The Walk.

Back for 2023!

Last offered in 2021, The Walk will be taught in two groups for the spring of 2023:

The course begins on April 20 (Thursdays) and 21 (Fridays). There are six spots available for each group, and this year is already off to a galloping start, so if you’ve been considering this class for a while (or even just the last five minutes), just go ahead and sign up now.* You’ll be glad you did.

Hope to see you in April! In the meantime,

Travel well,

Jenn 🐪

*As always, scholarship help can be made available, and there are options for paying in installments as well. Please respond if you would like to attend and need either of these options. If you would like to donate a scholarship, you may do so here. Please write “scholarship” in the comments when you make your donation. Thank you!

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