We’re saying merch, not swag now, right?

Whatever. This year’s Winter Solace retreat (which you are invited to and I really hope you attend) now has accompanying stuff-you-can-buy, and it’s gorgeous.

At the Pilgrimage, we’re committed to not turning anyone away from a program on the basis of finances. That said, it does cost money to keep these programs going (for example, to pay our excellent retreat presenters), so we also are grateful for creative ways people find to fund their registration or to sponsor someone else. 

MJ is an artist and Stepping Into the Story alumna who has created some Winter-Solace-specific gear for her already existing online shop. She’s donating all proceeds from Winter Solace merch to the Pilgrimage, and offering all retreat attendees a 20% discount. I’ll send you the coupon when you register for the retreat. You can find our custom designed items (and MJ’s other creations, which you might also enjoy, especially if you’re an introverted gardener) at Zombie and Chickens. Also, there’s a story behind her design. You’ll have to go over there to read it for yourself.

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