Can We Use Secular Media in Church?

Series: Any Questions? (Episode 6)

28 August 2022

Acts 17:16-34

Is the Bible enough? Why should we bring in references to other resources when we have a book that came from God? Or should we? Pastor Jenn talks about playing Hide and Seek with Jesus and shows us the Apostle Paul doing just that.


Scripture Reading: Mark Bertrand

Message in a Basket: Ray Petrelli

Main Message: Pastor Jenn (Rev Jennifer A G Layte)


Central Baptist Church has an active capital campaign to restore key aspects of our historic 1860’s era building. This is partly for the historic value, but even more so we can more faithfully serve the community where God has placed us, using the resources God has given us. If you would like to participate in this good work, please visit our website,, and designate your gift to “Ezra’s Purse.” Thank you.

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Jesus person. Wife and step-mom. Daughter, sister, auntie, friend. Collector of stories: mine, yours, tangible, not... Pastor of Central Baptist Church, founder and spiritual director at The Pilgrimage, and author of Trees In The Pavement and Favored One.

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