I wasn’t sure if “Avengers assemble” is copyrighted, but it would apply. To passages like Ezekiel 39.17-18, for example.

Since very early childhood, I have always been someone who dreams. Long dreams. Vivid dreams. Really outlandish dreams. Recurring dreams–or dreams in recurring dream locations or with recurring characters. Once every great while, a dream stands out as possibly having a bit more real significance than the others. For maybe a couple of reasons which don’t need going into here, I’ve been having a few more of those than usual over the last six months.

Including one about a month ago. The dream seemed to be hinting at the imminent return of Jesus Christ to earth, which was a hoped-for event, but everything that was happening in the dream leading up to it was pretty ominous. It was also all in…cartoon? Which made it less ominous. Or maybe just highlighted how all the horrific stuff that’s occurred in history (or is occurring right now) is decidedly going to come to an end at some point and that point has to do with Jesus.

In one scene in this dream, I was in a passageway in a castle-type building and turned toward a window in the wall. Outside the window was a very leafy tree, and as I looked at it, I realized it was full of (cartoon-like) birds of prey. I counted seven. “Hey guys!” I called to whomever I was with further along the passage. “The birds are here! He must be coming back soon!”

I didn’t know why I thought the birds would be a sign of that until I woke up and remembered Ezekiel.

Assemble! Ezekiel 39.17, Revelation 19.17

Artwork series.

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