Anniversary or Some Such

Apparently it’s my 15th anniversary with WordPress.

*Cue noisemakers and small explosions*

I signed on with WordPress with a blog that I never publicized, and then some years later created the personal blog That’s a Jenn Story. These days, I have this one, but pretty much the only things that post here or at TaJS are more or less audible audio recordings of me preaching.

This being my WordPress-iversary seems like a good enough day to attempt my annual resumption of blogging which lasts at most a month before it reverts solely to sermon posting.

On the other hand, I actually have some series ideas for this year, so maybe that will help motivate. Here’s what you can maybe not fully expect, but which might show up here at the Pilgrimage blog over the next ten or so months:

  1. Poetry. I’m not a poet, but I used to make an attempt at being one, and recently it seems like a discipline or even spiritual practice worth taking up again.
  2. Art. Likewise I am not an artist. My beloved husband bought me a watercolor class for Christmas 2020, which I thoroughly enjoyed but does not seem to have changed my style or skill level much, alas. However, I’ve been getting more into that practice as well, of late, so you’ll probably see some of that here.
  3. Spiritual Practice. I’ve invented some spiritual practices that derive from traditional spiritual practices that it might be fun to share with you.
  4. Dayle Asks. The Pilgrimage has over time become adjacent to a loose affiliation on Twitter known as #WeirdChristianTwitter or #WCT. A lot of the people who associate in or with that group are in process of deconstructing, including my friend Dayle. Dayle asks good questions that often elicit a response from me on Twitter, and then further reflection in my own head. These posts might be more time consuming than the others to compose, so I’m not sure how often they’ll appear here; on the other hand, one of the things I’d like the Pilgrimage to be known for is that it’s “a safe place to ask questions.”

So there you have it. I’ve got some stuff cued up already, so you can actually look forward to a few posts over the next month or so. Speaking of which, you should also know The Walk is starting up in less than a month. I’d love to have you join us!

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