I Have Questions…

You have answers.

Originally I was going to send this as an email only to those people who donate financially to the Pilgrimage. Then I realized I am actually trying to do a little bit of real research which would benefit from a greater cross-section of people, so if you’re reading this note, it and the survey at the end, are for you!

Thanks in large part to the 2020 phenomenon, #WeirdChristianTwitter, the Pilgrimage has been growing a bit this year, and now it is starting to “pick up steam,” as it were. As this ministry comes more and more into its own, I’m finding the need to tighten up some procedures. The first step was upgrading the website. Thanks for your help with that!

The next step is to streamline our financial setup (which is in process as we speak) and make sure the ministry remains financially viable. The Pilgrimage has two main income streams: tax deductible donations and payments for spiritual care services (spiritual direction, classes, and soon, retreats). This income pays for internet platforms and for my 15-hr/week monthly salary. Often people receiving services are in a financial as well as a spiritual bind, so regular donations also assist in enabling people who need the help, to get it, while allowing me still to be paid for what I do.

I’ve been noticing, though, not just in my support-raising endeavors, but also in interactions online and watching other ministries and individuals, that giving trends, habits and patterns are changing from what they were even five years ago, never mind when I was a 20-something raising support to work with refugees in London. So, if you would be so kind, I would be grateful to know a little bit about yours.

You may fill in this survey anonymously if you wish, and no one will see the individual surveys besides me, but your responses will be very helpful in financial direction setting for this ministry at this time. Thank you so much for your continued prayer and practical help!

Travel well,

Jenn 🐪

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