The Pilgrimage Is Growing!

Every month I send out a Pilgrimage news-email. I don’t usually post those here. But I’m posting this one!

What’s Going On?

How You Can Help

  1. Sign up for one (or more) of these courses. Seriously. I am increasingly convinced by my own experience and also observation that it’s impossible in this life to become so spiritual or godly or knowledgeable that we can’t greatly benefit by intentionally investing in stepping stones to future spiritual growth. If you’re interested but timing or money is an issue, please drop me a note and let’s talk about this. Also, if you are a pastor or ministry leader and are still not clear what the Pilgrimage is or the value of what we’re offering, consider taking one of these courses so you can recommend it/The Pilgrimage to your people. They’re designed to be a resource for you and your church, and if you commit to taking a course on an info-seeking basis in order to present it to your congregation and/or team for the future, we would be happy to discuss group or leadership rates with you.
  2. Donate. As the Pilgrimage grows, so do my hours. We have tentatively given me my first cost of living raise since the Pilgrimage’s inception, but this does not reflect the increase in workload, and the margin is narrow. Please sincerely ask God how He might have you contribute so this work can go forward. Thanks to those of you who have so faithfully contributed over the past five years! Meanwhile, if you love donating to special projects, please consider donating scholarship funds so that people who would benefit from these courses but cannot afford them can participate. (SITS: $500, The Walk: $300, The Bible Explored: $400. Partial-scholarships are also helpful.) Also, Wendy is currently working with the Pilgrimage as an independent contractor and hoping to have enough participants take her class that she can be paid a fair wage for courses taught without raising support. However, the Pilgrimage will incur additional expenses as we broaden our internet platforms (for example, adding a host to our zoom account: $180/year) to accommodate additional faculty. (If you choose to give to a special project, it is helpful if you check with us first to see if the need has been filled, as earmarked contributions cannot be applied more widely than the earmark.)
  3. Share the infographic/bookmark here. Share the Pilgrimage posts that you see on social media…on social media. I’m not great at PR and find it super time consuming. I would be able to invest more in content development and spiritual care for the wandering (and the “attempting not to wander”!) both of which I am good at by God’s grace, if others willingly and regularly share the opportunities here, in whatever ways you can.
  4. Pray. Please pray for Wendy’s course as it launches on August 25th, that many will sign up and benefit from it and that this will indeed be a good ministry partnership for both of us, and especially for the Kingdom and glory of God. Please also pray for the above needs. And as always, let us know how we can pray for you. Thank you.


We’re still trying to sort out the donation button over here, but thanks for asking! In the meantime, you are welcome to hop over to our sponsor organization, The Sanctuary at Woodville, and donate through the second (scroll down) “donate” button over there.

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