Just Beastly

Long for a blogpost, I’m reblogging this anyway, from my older blog. This is a paper I wrote for a CS Lewis class I took in 3rd Seminary, which outlines my understanding of Lewis’ theology of animals, as well as my growing theology of animals at the time. It also has a sweet little illustration based on Oscar at the end, as well as a mention of my childhood dog, Chippy.

That's a Jenn Story

Here’s an even longer paper from last spring–a class on C.S. Lewis. I meant to post this yesterday, and forgot, but that’s okay, because this post contains memories, w‘s,family stories,and theology, and since it’s super-long, but I haven’t been posting much lately, you can just count it as all the rest of the posts for this month. You’re welcome.

Animals and the Theme of Creation in the Writings of C.S. Lewis

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements ofHS 772 The Ancient Future Lewis

ByJennifer A. G. Layte

May 2014

When I was a child we had a black cocker spaniel named Chocolate Chip. He was sweet and stupid, and maybe we were, too, because although we loved him dearly, we didn’t do it very well. Lots of accidental but horrific things happened to Chippy, some of which we couldn’t have prevented, but some of which…

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