Pastor Jenn Discusses COVID-19


2 thoughts on “Pastor Jenn Discusses COVID-19”

  1. Good speech! If I were the praying kind, I’d pray for you 🙂

    It’s a sad irony that the current crisis is bringing folks closer together while at the same time obliging them to stay apart. (It’s kind of hard to have community gatherings at the present time without the Internet.)

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    1. Thank you! Maybe you should experiment. 😉 It would be curious to see what happened as a result. 😀

      And–I agree! I have been wanting to write my own reflections on the current state of affairs, here, but I’ve been so busy writing “speeches” as well as communiques to the now separated faithful to keep us together (as you say–internet is rather essential; I think if there weren’t any, I’d say screw it and let’s keep meeting in person until we perish, honestly).

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