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As you’ll know if you’ve been following along, the Pilgrimage (me, and in a way also the Outfitters who help the Pilgrimage be a thing) is offering another spiritual formation class, called “The Walk.” I’ve pushed the start date out to April 1, just so you have a little more time to decide if this is the time for you to sign up. (We meet via zoom.us over 8 Wednesdays, from 7-9pm Eastern Time.)

It’s tricky to predict how exactly the course will play out, as it will likely depend a lot on who’s taking it and where each of them is on their own walk with or toward (or away from, even) Christ–which is why I’m offering this first run of the course for half what it will cost in future (eventually $250, which is a pretty great value to begin with, but for this first time around, only $125!).

The Walk is a course on stages of faith and an exploration of where each of us might be in our journey. The aim is to provide context and understanding for those of us who are troubled/concerned/confused either by changes in our own faith or differences between the way we understand and practice our faith and the way others who claim the same one, express theirs.

Also, there is now a registration survey! Filling it in does not commit you to taking the course, but you do need to fill it in, in order to commit, if you get what I’m saying. Please do sign up–today!

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