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Most of the time (not all of the time), I try to push myself through the pain and the dark. Yesterday, in the face of discouragement and doubt (which, unusually rapidly, has pretty much dissipated today), I had on my calendar that I was going to finally finish putting together the new Pilgrimage course, The Walk. I didn’t work on it. I blogged instead. And then I thought, I’m going to keep putting this off until I actually officially schedule it and invite people to it, I just know it.

So, I made it a Facebook event. What follows is the description. Registration survey to come.

I Want Jesus to Walk With Me
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Whichever way you put it, the Jesus life is evidently a long journey…at a walking pace. A lot of things can happen between Here and There.

2020 life, though? That’s the opposite. Things are big, loud, fast. Instant, no less. Even the Church has gotten caught up in the rush. What if Jesus is putting on the brakes? What if Jesus is inviting His people back into the Walk?

If you have found yourself asking:
Why is their Jesus so different from my Jesus?
Why don’t I believe the things I used to?
Am I losing my faith?
Why are Christians such jerks? [or, you know, another word for “jerk”]


If you have found yourself asking:
Why are so many people leaving the church?
Whatever happened to truth?
What’s deconstruction and why are so many “so-called Christians” doing it?

…it may be time to take The Walk. Intended for both Christians in the church and Christians/skeptics/deconstructers trying to get or stay out of it, The Walk is a compassionate exploration of stages of faith as understood and described by Christians in earlier centuries, across the theological spectrum, and exhibited in the biblical stories of Jesus’ disciple, Simon Peter.

Individuals make take this course but it is particularly ideal for established leadership or ministry teams, as well as ex-church groups of friends, to engage together. At this time, there is no upper limit on group size.

Stay tuned for more details.

*****This is the first run of a new Pilgrimage course. It is being offered THIS TIME ONLY at $125 per person, which is half off what it will cost as an established course. No group rates will apply at this price but they will be negotiable in future.*****

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3 thoughts on “The Walk

  1. I like it. I pray some folks will notice, read, think, and come on board! Why not me, you ask? Cash and time, mostly, I guess. Even at the discounted price I am unable (not unwilling) to part with the funds. Time, of course, is never a reasonable excuse. All of us make time for the things we prioritize. Nevertheless… besides working full time, and a family to spend time with, I am part of the cast of a stage production that has entered its final weeks before show time (16 performances over three weekends), and I am a lead elder in a national faith organization. But, whatever. I am sincerely and earnestly praying for your Pilgrimage course!

    1. Thanks, new friend! 😊 It does sound like this might not fit your schedule at the moment, but if you ever have the time during some other offering of it, let me know. We can work out the money stuff.

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