Teaching the Things She Is Also Learning

If you have a copy of Favored One (which, according to my brother–who doesn’t have to say this; parents might, brothers don’t–five minutes ago, you really really should), you will see in the “About the Author” section in the back that it says,

A writer, teacher, and spiritual caregiver at heart, Jenn loves team building, introducing people to Jesus, and teaching things she is also learning.

I can vouch for this, both because I wrote that about myself, but also because this whole Trellis thing is something I am still learning. So on Monday I took a Sabbath, and on Tuesday morning, I wrote this Sunday’s workshop/sermon about Time and Sabbath, and the rest of the week from the moment I saved the file has turned into busy-ness and stress and migraines and wonderful people to whom I feel I wasn’t as “present” as I wanted to be because of all the busy-ness and stress and migraines.

And so one wonders, in an age of Experts and Master Classes, about the advisability of someone who is “still learning,” teaching anything. Is it actually kind of countercultural? Or just dumb? I don’t actually know the answer to that question. Here’s what I do know:

  • Sometimes I don’t prefer learning from experts because they already have all the answers and have forgotten what the process of getting to them is like–and that sometimes what worked for them will need to be tweaked a little bit so those no-box-thank-you people like me can actually get there.
  • Sometimes mutual learning from fellow pilgrims is more effective, as together we figure out what “works” and what doesn’t around the next bend in the road.
  • There is actually a Master involved in this whole thing. The Master is the point–He just isn’t me. The point of the Trellis is to “apprentice” ourselves to Jesus, as Dallas Willard would say. From one apprentice to another, if I have something I’m learning from the Master and can share any part of it with you so that you can also learn it from Him, well, so much the better. And because I’m not a Trellis expert, I am just as likely–and interested–to learn about the things He has taught you about the process, too.

That’s why this is a workshop. If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll join us. Let’s apprentice together.

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