Life in the Vine

How do you cultivate a fruitful life? Probably not with New Year’s resolutions…

Who doesn’t long to stop feeling overrun by the demands of schedules, jobs, relationships, wallets? Was the easy yoke and light burden Jesus promised when we come to Him just a PR pitch? Is a joyfully managed life actually possible through connection with Him?

My church is starting a teaching/workshop series this Sunday (1/12) in which we’ll explore how to stay connected to the True Vine in each area of our lives, healthily training up a “trellis” (aka “Rule of Life,” but trellis sounds more appealing) instead of straggling helplessly along the ground. And I thought…why wouldn’t the Pilgrimage also want–and benefit–from exploring this topic, too? If you’re local and don’t currently belong to a church, we’d love to have you participate with us in this exploration/experiment in person.

Either way, I will post recordings of our Sunday workshops here so you can follow along. If you think you’d like to join an online discussion group for support and brainstorming and “trellis hacks,” please sign up below you will soon receive a link to the group. Hope you’ll join us!

NOTE: As ever, you do not need to be a Christian to participate in an Online Spiritual Conversation (or any other aspect of the Pilgrimage, frankly)–just open to journeying respectfully with (lots of different types of) Christians.

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