Great Cloud of Witnesses, Seasonal


I met with my spiritual director last week and in the course of our conversation, she said, “I wonder if you would consider…I think we did this together when we were in London, too…writing a Magnificat. You know, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for…’ You write the stuff after the ‘for.'”

I had completely forgotten doing that exercise. I mean, completely. And unless I wrote it in one of my many journals at the time, I don’t still have a copy of what I wrote then. But as she was describing it, all of a sudden I did have a memory of her suggesting that, and my contemplating the actual Magnificat, Mary’s paean of praise to God when she was visiting Elizabeth and after not-yet-born John the Baptist leapt for joy at the presence of not-yet-born Jesus.

(I would like to appropriately source-credit this, but it’s all over the internet with no discernible name, apart from the signature I can’t read in the left corner.)

And then I remembered–Yes!–that was also what finally persuaded me to try to read the Gospels from the point of view of Mary, and write it down in a story. The story that became Favored One.

“Maybe you can do it again,” said my spiritual director. “I’ve taken to writing a new one every year. Maybe you can even invite your church to do it.” Maybe I can, indeed. Or people on Pilgrimage. Or you. You could try it, too.

I haven’t written my new Magnificat yet, but I will. And in it will be something about the gladness I feel about the story Mary lived, and the story God gave me to write, and also about wise women God’s put in my life to help me on my Pilgrimage, too. Maybe one day I’ll grow up to be one, too.

What do you think?

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