OSFGroup Reflections

6th Reading – Esther 4:9-17

This exercise of posting the OSFGroup readings publicly in the blog is confirming why I don’t normally do it: That is–no one is discussing anything here! This space does not reflect what is going on in the actual group, where the discussion is quite lively and terms like “toxic masculinity” are being bandied about. I think there’s some solid reasoning behind the bandying, in this particular instance. However, I feel like I need to at least get through the final Esther readings since I started, so here’s the sixth one.

Esther 4:9-17

Esther has received Mordecai’s request. What is her objection? What is his response?

How is this scene similar to or different from the opening scene in the book?  

From a spiritual standpoint, can you relate to this kind of scenario—where what makes logical, life-experience sense seems to be the opposite of what God is calling you to do? Anyone have an example? What did you do? What happened?

What do you think?

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