Now That I Have Your Attention…

…as if wanting you to buy and (gasp) even read my book weren’t enough, I would also like to alert you to this other way I have of telling stories. Actually, I don’t even tell them. I help you to.

On Thursday, 8 August, I will be starting the fourth iteration of the personal development and spiritual formation class we offer here at the Pilgrimage, Stepping Into the Story.

Have you ever suspected there was something bigger going on than what shows up in your Facebook feed? (Or, say, your blog reader?) Have you ever wondered if you are or could be part of a bigger story?

At The Pilgrimage, we support the idea that there is a bigger Story, and that while God is the main character, He is inviting you to join Him in it. Not only that, but we’re operating with the hypothesis that, if you “read back” your own story in light of God and this bigger narrative, your own narrative will begin to make more sense–to be “redeemed,” as it were, no matter what has gone before.

Stepping Into the Story is a twelve-week course providing a way to take a brave look back at your life in the company of a small group of other bold travelers. Once a week, participants meet for two hours via video. For half of each session, we learn about how we can more fully enter into God’s story of the world, with the help of some tried and true Christian spiritual practices: lectio divina (a way to read the Bible), spiritual journaling, and spiritual autobiography (aka life mapping). The rest of the time we invite each other into our own life journeys, supporting each other and encouraging each other into a deeper walk with God.

Session Themes include:

Family Systems
Life Review
Calling and Purpose

Cost at this time is a total of $300 for all twelve weeks, plus one required book (and any others from a recommended list that you choose to purchase for yourself). You have until Friday, 26 July, to sign up for the upcoming sessions, but there’s also a brief application to fill in, so if you want to join, you should probably contact me before that. Either way, contact me. We have three more spots open. Class size limited to 6 people.

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