OSFGroup Reflections

3rd and 4th Readings

Esther 2:19-23

A much shorter read today, but still packed with detail, and even though it seems a little random, it ends up impacting other aspects of this story. (One of the reasons I’m a fan of the way this story is told is that the writer weaves so many story threads masterfully together.) What are we learning about Esther and her cousin Mordecai just from this small passage?

Esther 3

What a political book this is! The factions are starting to align, and the main conflict is being set up. 

What can we tell about Haman from this chapter? What is his deal? Is Mordecai’s response justified? 

Also, do you see any consistencies or inconsistencies in the way individual rebellion is dealt with in this empire so far?

As ever, feel free to point out any other interesting details you’ve noticed or questions you have.

What do you think?

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