When God Is Invisible

First summer OSFGroup ever. Here’s a little background if you’re new to the Pilgrimage:

The Pilgrimage was founded and is facilitated by me–Jennwith2ns. I’m a Christian, but I get that there are a lot of ways that could be defined and also a lot of ways that people find it alienating right now, but also that there are people everywhere who are spiritual and might even be interested in engaging the ideas/teachings/even writings of Christianity, if they didn’t have to be beaten over the head with them and could ask whatever questions they wanted, and didn’t have to promise to “sign on” at the end. I like these kinds of interactions and conversations, so in 2016 I founded an online “spiritual formation” space called “The Pilgrimage.” (This is our landing page, and there’s also a Facebook page, but we use other apps for most of our interactions.)

One of the things we do is engage in these 6-12 week “OSFGroups” (online spiritual formation groups–they’re an opportunity to look into a theme in the context of what the Bible says about it–which sometimes turns out to be different than what we always heard or thought the Bible said about it). We have one coming up at the end of this month that I’d love for you to join. The groups are usually small; this is the first one we’ve done in the summer, so it will probably be even smaller than usual, and there’s a range of biblical familiarity and/or faith practice in any given group. The upcoming group is a 2-parter, and the focus is “where is God when I can’t see Him in the story?” (aka When God’s Invisible). The first five weeks, we’ll look at the story of Esther in the Hebrew Bible (Christians usually call it the Old Testament) and the second five, we’ll focus on our own stories, with some other Bible passages as launch points in the background. (Incidentally, this is not the same thing as Stepping Into the Story, but the two will dovetail nicely, and the next SITS course begins in early August, so hit me up about that, too.)

I will post what we’re reading, and some questions to either interact with or to prompt your own questions, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and you can choose if you want to do the whole ten weeks, or just the first five or the second five. The start date for the Esther component is June 25. Part two will start immediately afterward, on July 30th, and the whole thing will wrap up on August 30th. (I think. If I counted the weeks correctly! 🙂 Feel free to ask questions, sign up, and pass this info along to those you think might be interested.

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