Someone Else’s Job

Ever since my interview to be the pastor of an actual brick (literally, brick) and mortar (and people) church went well, I’ve been intensely cognizant of the fact that, left to my own devices, I am not cut out for this. And that Someone has clearly directed me here, because I also wasn’t looking for it. So I am really excited, and I have a ton of ideas (I always have ideas, guys), because like a former colleague’s favorite Bible verse says,

Unless the Lord builds the house,
    the builders labor in vain.

(Psalm 127:1, NIV)

I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s scary! But if I’m doing something that I can’t handle but God has asked of me, then I have to trust that in fact, He’s going to do it, and I know that He can do a lot more than I ever could. So I’m excited to see what He does–both at the in-person church, and with the Pilgrimage, because He seems to be setting things up quite significantly there these days, too. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I do sometimes make New Year’s prayers of a sort, and yesterday I ran across this verse “by accident.” Suddenly, it’s my verse for the year, as I hope it describes not only what has been true about me and the church and the Pilgrimage, but also what will be, this year and beyond. You’re welcome to pray it, too.

Happy New Year, dear pilgrims. May God do for us (and to us, and through us) all our works. And may it be, somehow, all His work in the end.

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4 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Job

  1. Hi. Today I’m just asking to feel gratitude for my lot. It’s easy to lose sight of the purposiveness of what befalls us, esp when what happens is negative. Also it’s easy to try to force my will, not God’s. Entire groups of people can get caught up in self-will. I felt I was letting my church down so when I couldn’t play and sing with them, but I think it wasn’t up to any of us as people. And accepting that is wherein lives serenity. Just thoughts… Hope your New Year sees you fulfilled more and more as He sees fit for you. The sun is out in Oregon right now. Pretty to look at and cheering to the heart.

    1. Those are good thoughts, and I think very relatable for anyone who is self reflective and also inclined to suppose there is a God. I actually believe there is a whole lot of purpose that can come out of experience that seems negative when we’re in it (that’s what our Stepping Into the Story class tries to tap into), but you’re right—it’s REALLY hard to see it. And letting God work through us is hard, too—it’s a tough balance to avoid total passivity and control freakitude, you know? I think it’s why I liked the Isaiah verse so much—it seems to me to be talking about that balance—where we have work, and God is the one who does it.

      1. Thanks for the word “passivity.” I found myself using it this afternoon, too, for lack of a better one. There’s also the compound, “letting go.” I just woke up from an interesting series of dreams about people I know. Not that dreams are prophetic, but sometimes they carry the tone of having such a virtue. It was the first satisfying sleep I’d had in a week or so… Passivity again: what do you think of Star Wars and the whole thing of Jedi Knighthood?

  2. Oh goodness. That’s a better question for my brother; I like the Star Wars movies but have never delved that deeply into the operating concepts.

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