The Other Half (First Covenant Edition)

I always think I’m going to write a “series” of posts about the same topic, but time gets away from me and before we can talk more about different streams/unity in the Church, I need to let you know about the next OSFGroup study. But first I have some questions:

How many among you are women who have done a Bible study on a male Bible character? How many among you are men who have done a Bible study on a female Bible character? That’s what I thought…

The newest OSFGroup study is about six of the women in Jesus’ family tree and is open to EVERYONE. Why are we doing a “women’s Bible study” in mixed groups? Because all the characters of the Bible are relevant to all the people of God.

If there’s any chance at all that the Bible really is the word of God, inspired in its entirety, relevant for all time to the people of God, then there’s something for all of us to learn and be transformed by in all of the Bible, including the stories about women, even when the stories are troubling and don’t reflect well on all of the characters. (News flash: the majority of stories in the Bible don’t reflect well on any of the characters–whether women are involved or not–and most of the stories about women actually reflect worse on the men.) Note: if you don’t believe the above is true about the Bible, you might enjoy joining a group and seeing how this idea pans out, and adding your own perspective to the mix.

This is not a feminist Bible study, but an attempt to delve together into what the Scriptures really say in a selection of the (many!) stories about women which have often been neglected or misrepresented, and to open up a greater fullness of Judeo-Christian Scripture to all who hope to learn from it. This first study on women will look at women of the Hebrew Bible/First Covenant/Old Testament. The hope is to look at women in the New Testament sometime in 2019. If you’ve never checked out an OSFGroup before, we hope you’ll join us this fall–even, or maybe especially, if you’re skeptical about anything in the statements above. In particular, men, please join us. We want your perspective, too.

If you have questions as to how the OSFGroup works, send a message!

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