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4 thoughts on “Easter”

  1. Death where is they sting?? Haha jokes on you. It is swallowed up by the victory of Jesus’ death!!!

    On a 17 mile walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus, two who had known Jesus talked and mourned the death of One who could’ve saved Israel. During the walk, Jesus joined them, but they didn’t recognize Him. May our hearts be opened to see you!!!

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  2. I had a battle with alcohol cravings last night, but the angel won over the devil. Listened to some 1987 Yes, particularly “I’m Running,” and sent the link to my pastor. Hope he likes it. Happy Easter to those who read this. Easter will be more of a deal this year, as a new Lutheran. Wish me luck, and same to you.

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    1. Congratulations on finding a new faith home, and on winning last night’s battle with alcohol. May you increasingly find strength in Christ and His resurrection life. Happy Easter!


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