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When I first posted about Stepping into the Story, there was quite a bit of interest. Then I sent out a questionnaire to each of those people, as follows:

Pre-Life Map Questionnaire (click it even though it’s not highlighted, and you’ll download the Word doc.)

Suddenly there was a lot of alarm. I did mention “Life Mapping” in my original description of the class, but it could have been very easy to miss in all the other verbiage. Now, with an entire questionnaire dedicated to the topic, Life Mapping is front and center. Here’s the thing about Life Mapping. It’s a little intense. I’m not going to lie.

I’ve written about my own experience elsewhere, and (except for the fact that, like a friend of mine with whom I was speaking about this, this week, said, “I always liked picking scabs”) if I hadn’t had to life map for seminary credit, maybe I wouldn’t have put myself through it either. But…since I did, I’ve become a “believer,” and I actually genuinely think (like my seminary professor who taught it to me and then went on to get his doctorate for work on it) that Life Mapping can promote almost exponential spiritual growth. So then I posted a video. This is how big a deal Life Mapping is to me. I hate being videoed, but I videoed myself to get my point across.

The whole enterprise has got me wondering about a lot of things, but mostly two:

  1. Why is it so hard for us humans to go back and work on our stuff–even if it’s painful–when we can be healed through the process?
  2. Especially why is it so hard to share within the Church, which I guess probably anymore most people don’t think of as a place of healing, but surely it’s supposed to be?

Feel free to share your hypotheses in the comments, but also, let’s talk about these things some more next time.

And furthermore–if you also like to rip off scabs and want to join the upcoming class, we have space for four or five more people. Fill in the linked document and send it in by Friday, and we’ll see what we can arrange.

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3 thoughts on “Map It

  1. So…i have thought about this a lot. I dont like to pick at real happy to let them heal at their own pace.Having said that..I had to ” life Map” when I took a cert of ministry course at Seminary of the East.
    I thouroghly enjoyed it. Bit why are we reluctant to journey back there? Because as we get older it seems to be the down hill slope..and we cant go back. We dont get a do-over.Real deep regret is painful. With intellect and maturity comes an awareness that my life could have been MUCH different. Then I have to deal with..forgiveness ( my parents who may have fallen short..and others who caused great harm or pain)…I have to come to terms with the choices I may have made..and the mess and lost opurtunity that resulted in.Thats just in ref to MY life..imagine how that hits when thinking in terms of what I ” shouda coulda done” in raising my children.
    So..this is what maybe scares folks off..but STILL i recommend it.It is cathartic and it so helps to ser where if not for His presence..I would have been lost…He iscthe constant…yes free will was mine..but His power was not limited by my choices. Thank God.

    1. SO well said. Thanks for that insight, Eileen. I never knew you got the SOE certificate–that’s awesome! I think sometimes it’s better for us if we encounter experiences like this and there’s an element of “have to”–so we will actually do it! Because you’re right–all of those things you raise are big ines, and can be very painful.

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