Stepping into the Story (SITS)

The Pilgrimage is taking the next step!

For almost a year now (with maybe a few weeks off interspersing, so I could write new studies) the Online Spiritual Formation Group has been reading the Bible together in a private Facebook group, sometimes “discussing” (in the comments) what we read. We’ve talked about the Pilgrim Psalms (the Songs of Ascent), the Gospel of John, the nature of God, and we just wrapped up a long focus series on the “Cast of Characters” with whom we may or may not be in the middle of a Grand Narrative. (I’m going with “are,” rather than may or may not, but I don’t assume everyone in the OSFGroup is always on the same page.)

Having more or less set up the theme of story or metanarrative or monomyth or what have you, and having received some feedback that at least a few people would like something more bonding and interactive than reading and writing comments on static posts, and having finally completed both spiritual director training and CPE, I sense it’s time to open up another way of “pilgriming” together, during which we explore our own stories in light of the larger one.

That’s why, for a few months, in place of a specific Bible study focus, the Pilgrimage will be hosting a spiritual formation class online. Once a week (probably Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm Boston time–but we may run a second group at a different day and time, depending on interest), participants will meet for two hours via video. For half of the classtime, we will learn about and practice lectio divina, while looking at the life of a specific biblical character. During the second half, we will invite each other into our own life journeys as we review our own lives which we’ve each been exploring on our own through spiritual journaling and autobiography. Through these practices, we will notice where God has been present in our lives up to this point, and share with each other weekly, and through a final life map at the end.

The start date for this class is August 8th, from which the class will run for twelve weeks (with one week off in between because I’m going on vacation to see the BroFam), concluding the week of October 31st. That should be interesting.

Anyway–you’re invited. As the first Pilgrimage class ever, the cost is $120–a mere $10 per week of class. If you are already a member of the OSFGroup, please accept a one-time discount of 50% off for this class only. Registration for the class is open now. Payment may be made by PayPal.

I’m pretty excited about this new step. I hope you can come along. Please post any questions in the comments, or via the contact page.

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